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C  A  R  O  L  Y  N      S  U  Z  U  K  I   
F O U N D E R       &    
D R A W - E R      O F      T H E       C A R D S
Carolyn Suzuki loves to draw and paint pictures.
She also loves her hometown of Los Angeles, cooking, dancing, listening to music, nature, eating,
sitting in almost any body of water, her friends, her man Keith and her two boys Akira & Takashi.
She hopes that her enthusiasm for life is captured in her cards and spreads to those who give
and receive them like wildfire!
Carolyn also likes to move her hands around when she speaks.

C A R O L Y N   S U Z U K I  P O R T F O L I O
M A R I A N N     R E A R D O N
S H E P H E R D     O F     T H E     G O O D S

Mariann rounds up the cards you want, tucks them into a sweet kraft-paper bed,
and sends them off into your care. 
When she's not at CSG, you might find her with a toddler strapped to her back,
binoculars around her neck,
walking down a riparian trail and looking for birds.
That, or she'll be on the couch watching hockey with her husband.
She loves making things with her hands,
listening to audiobooks, and figuring out the most efficient arrangement of furniture in a room.

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